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Driving Lessons Redcar: This driving school website was created by Green P Driving for people who want to learn to drive.
Most people finding this page will have Googled driving lessons Redcar or driving lessons in Redcar, however the school would like to point out we are not limited to just Redcar, please see the page areas covered.

The school would also like to add that every effort is made to help you the learner driver pass your driving test. This will include theory test support, parking lessons, a mock test, and on each and every lesson an oview of what you have learned, how well you are doing and what you are going to learn next.

Many people who fail their driving test do so because a lack of preparation and confience going into the test, however Green P Driving School will insure you have every chance of passing first time, we do this by giving you a progress report card. At the end of the lesson we grade your skills, based on 3 levels. Those levels are, introduced, assisted, independent. When you are independent in all areas you not only do you have the full preparation to pas your driving test but also the confidence.

There is no secret to passing the driving test, though you are probably aware you need to show the driving examiner you are safe. However you also must demonstrate you are aware of your surroundings, so what’s going on around you and aware of potential hazards and to show you are in full control of the car at all times.

Green P Driving School has 2 aims, the first is for you to become a safe driver. Meeting this standard will help attain the 2nd aim which is passing the driving test. Before your practical test you must pass your theory test nd on this website there is a free and unlimited tool which you can use. It is our recommendation you study and pass your theory test as soon as you can. It is not just an obstacle to get over but also a fantastic tool to help you drive, in fact learner drivers who pass their theory test early on in their process of learing to drive tend to need fewer driving lessons overall, which can save you a lot of money.
Once you have passed your theory test Green P Driving School will look to book a date for yor driving test in accordance to the lessons you are going to need to take. So for example, if the next available test date is 8 weeks way and you need another 25 hours worth of training, then you will need to book around 3 hours a week. However if you are not ready, it is possible to delay your test and set it back to a date where you are in control, feeling comfortable and independent on all aspects of driving.