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You have started to drive but so far you have not yet passed your driving test.
It’s annoying isn’t it?
But there is some good news for you, you do not have to take beginner lessons again.

Why do you want to start all over with another driving school when you already have some driving skills.
What I propose is simple and we could book you in for your driving test straight away.

On your first lesson I am going to check what you can do and at the end of the driving lessons I will present you with a progress report card. This report card will show you exactly what else you will need to learn so you can pass your driving test.
It’s like this…suppose you need around another 20 hours of tuition and the nearest test date is 5 weeks away, that’s only 2 lessons a week and in just over a month you could have your full driving licence.

You will find my lessons fun, full of energy and you will have a good time, but let’s get one thing straight, you are here to pass your driving test and that is the bottom line. After every lesson I will record your progress so you can see in real time how you are improving and how close you are to taking and passing your test.

The best move you can make is to phone me today, let me know about your experience so I can have a “heads up” and we can concentrate on planning your success to passing the driving test and becoming a full driving licence holder.

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