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So how long have you been dreaming about driving? isn’t it about time you made your dream a reality? And now you can with Green P Driving School, but before you pick up the phone we want to tell you about how we are going to help you passing your driving test.

Firstly we have a money back guarantee. We think this is cool because you don’t know if we are any good or not do you? Therefore if we put the risk on us, we become an easy choice to make. It woks like this…If you do not like your last lesson, just tell us and we will refund you. It’s only your last lesson mind that is guaranteed, but that’s enough to ecure your cash and investment into learning to dive.

On your first lesson we are going to teach you the basics of passing your driving test, and we want you to repeat this on every lesson. Your driving examiner will want to make sure you are a safe driver, so how do they do that? Easy – what they do is check you are in full control of the car at all times and aware of what is going on outside of the car, what’s behind you, infront of you, to the side and being able to anticipate and avoid potential hazards.

As you go through the skills of learning to drive, whether it’s reversing or driving at 70MPH on a dual carriagway, you will be keeping in mind the aspects of driving the examiner wants to see. In short, but the time your driving test comes you will be a safe and well prepared driver with the confidence need to drive on your own.

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Driving Schools Saltburn
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