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you are probably thinking over which driving school in Redcar you should choose and it is a hard decision not knowing what to look for, so today I am going to invite you to call me and see if we get along.

If you do take driving lessons with me I can promise you my beginner course is ideal for you if you are a novice driver. I know you want to do well and get driving as soon as you can but I also know you may have a few nerves, so this is what we will do.

On your first driving lesson we will go to somewhere quiet, now even if you live on a quiet road we will start elsewhere as it can be a bit nervy when friends, family and neighbours are watching. So we will start elsewhere.

I’m going to show you the cockpit drill and on every lesson I want you to do the same; adjust the seat and mirrors and make sure you are ready for driving. ¬†Once you are all set, I will ask you to start the car, show you how to engage the gears and you will be driving.

It has only taken you a few minutes and you are driving. How good is that?

Our goal is to help you build up your skills and confidence and soon enough you will be ready for your driving test.
It really will not be long before you are driving for yourself as a full time licence holder going to the places you want to see.

Driving is not just about beating the bus in the morning it really is the freedom of the modern world, with your driving licence you can go anywhere at anytime. From finding a new job to a road trip with friends and family.

Phone me today, I will be delighted to help you.

Robert Dunn
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